RACCA was written, shot, and edited over 24 hours for the AT&T Developer Create-A-Thon Film Challenge.  It won the Best Social Justice Film award at the Oniros Film Awards, has been selected to three other festivals, and is in consideration for many others. 

The film is set In an alternate universe, where the president has implemented RACCA - Re-assessing All Current Citizens Act. In an effort to revive the country's economy, anyone from a family established in this country for 3 generations or more will be "relocated" to their family's country of origin.

We aim to bring awareness to the negative impact the repeal of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will have.

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Cast & Crew

Dominique Nieves - Director, Writer, Producer

Dominique Nieves is a Nuyorican actress, writer, producer, director and founder of Iron Glove Productions. She took courses in writing & film in high school & as an undergrad at Columbia University, but it wasn't until she pursued acting professionally that she realized she was passionate about making her own work from the ground up. As an actress, she is known for portraying strong willed characters and her commanding presence.

As a filmmaker she aims to highlight imperative social justice issues by challenging audiences to examine unique perspectives. Her current films on the festival circuit explore society's perceptions of sexual assault and immigration.

In addition to her life as an artist, Nieves is a Medical Student at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York. She finds that the same tools she uses to create characters as an actress and writer, can be used to build relationships with patients. She uses her creative work as an outlet for activism; raising awareness and impacting others.

Awards: Best Actress, Oniros Film Awards, 'A Nice Guy'; Best Actress, Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival, 'A Nice Guy'; Women Filmmakers Award of Recognition, Best Shorts Competition, 'A Nice Guy'; Best Social Justice Film, Oniros Film Awards, 'A Nice Guy', 'RACCA'

Amilcar Javier - POTUS

Amilcar Javier is a New York City based actor training in advanced acting techniques with Anthony Abeson and scene study with Shae D'lyn. In addition to his career in film, television, commercials and theater, Amilcar is also a writer, producer, and software developer.

Film credits include:

  • An unexpected source of wisdom in the award winning short dramedy A Nice Guy, directed by Shae D’lyn
  • A dark horse undertaking a futuristic 12 step program in an urban, mixed media coming of age story, These F**king Steps I Climb, directed by Miguel Ortiz
  • A repenting, Latino womanizer in the short drama You Fatima, directed by Adrian Manzano
Television credits include featured roles on:
  • Hulu's The Looming Tower
  • Netflix's Orange is the New Black
Theater credits include the lead in Cheesecake! (Best Actor Award, Strawberry One-Act Festival, NYC).

Carly Dreme - Production Manager

Carly Dreme Calbreath is a full-time activist, writer, and producer originally from Southern California. Carly jumped into collaborative creative production during her time as an undergraduate at UCLA. For three years, she worked production-side on the Vagina Monologues and later wrote one of the monologues for the replacement show, LIPS. Upon moving to New York, she shifted gears towards film production with narrative and activist projects such as #GETBEHINDUS and RACCA. She currently works for Amnesty International USA, recently writing an article for their Teen Vogue column and directing their recruitment video for State Legislative Coordinators.